Promising Genomics

Reviews of Promising Genomics

In The Reykjavik Grapevine (May 2009)

In Perspectives in Biology and Medicine (Summer 2009)

In Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (Summer 2009)

In British Journal for the History of Science (December 2009)

In Science as Culture (v. 20, n. 3, August 2011)

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The video of a talk I gave at the Universty of Minnesota’s Institute for Advanced Study, “Icelandic Scandals: deCODE Genetics and Other Tales of Excess and Bankruptcy,” on April 16, 2009, can be found here.


Your ability to speak and read Icelandic is probably like mine — i.e., practically nonexistent — but you could still check out the lively discussion of my book on this Icelandic blog:

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